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Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training

August 19, 2010

New training from the Windows Phone 7 MVPs. Check it out at the Windows Phone Developer Blog…

Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training

Today we are publishing the first in our training content led by our MVPs.  Rob Miles and Andy Wigley led an incredibly well received live training course about a month ago, focused on getting developers trained up on building amazing applications and games for Windows Phone 7.

We recognize that providing as much technical content as we can for the full range of developers is what developers deserve. While we plan on having more live training sessions in the coming weeks and months, we are also committed to making that content available as quickly as possible to as many developers as possible. Since this round of content is based on Beta Windows Phone Developer Tools, we will not be localizing it.  For our non-English speaking developers, we will be providing localized training once we have released the final developer tools.

Andy and Rob provide a good bit of humor along with their incredible depth of knowledge on the topic of building apps and games for Windows Phone 7. We think they have covered a fair amount ground, but if there are topics you feel we need to cover more in depth, don’t hesitate to let us know.

There are 12 sessions in total, each about :50 minutes in length. Think of this as a semester’s worth of class time to help you in your quest to be an awesome Windows Phone 7 developer. It’s self-paced, and both Rob and Andy are pretty approachable. Head on over to their blogs if you want to get more plugged into what they are doing.

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