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Cory Doctorow: Put Not Your Faith In Ebook Readers

March 5, 2008

Takes a while for Corey Doctorow to get to what I believe is the key, correct argument in the piece, but here it is.

Locus Online Features: Cory Doctorow: Put Not Your Faith In Ebook Readers

As fierce as hardware manufacturing competition runs, it still creates a paradoxical abundance: an abundance of platforms that can run e-book-reading software. If you’re someone with a smarts, passion and vision, you can easily source some hackers to bang up an e-book business to run on a PC, phone, or other handheld (note that in the world of phones and handhelds, a substantial portion of the manufacturers take pains to stop you from running software on their devices, as Apple did with the iPhone, but it’s not illegal to defeat these measures and plenty of people do so).

j0396059[1] I think some commenters on boingboing make a good point. Many phones and PDAs were able to play music when the iPod came out. In the end, I think the market in some of these cases is determined by who gets there first and who has the most compelling solution. You can read books very easily on a Windows Mobile Smartphone – if you’re a person who is able to find, install, and then learn to use the software that you need to do the reading. Then you need to find the books. It needs to be easier than it is currently.

My favorite service for e-books right now is ereader.com. You can now get their e-Reader Pro product for free and it runs on Windows, Windows Mobile, and other platforms. After you get that you can buy books or you can go to memoware.com and pick up a few of the public domain titles in Doc (.PDB format). To read them, drop them in the My DocumentPeanut Press folder on you WM Smartphone or its storage card. Instant e-book library. The reader software also allows you to browse and buy books right from your smartphone, but that feature doesn’t seem to work on my current device.

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