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Screencast: ReadyBoost

September 13, 2007

I was talking to a friend about the perf on my system yesterday and he reminded me of the ReadyBoost feature in Windows Vista. So today, I went down to Office Depot and picked up a 4 gig memory key and gave it a try. It seems to have solved a lot of the jittery type issues that I was having when the machine was doing high disk IO or I was using a lot of memory. The video here just shows how to find the feature in Vista after you insert the key. You’re generally pompted to find out if you want to enable the feature, but it’s easy to set by hand.


Video: ReadyBoost

I found a lot of great reasources for ReadyBoost on the web. One of the best sources was a blog entry by my friend Tom Archer. You can find that here.

Other resources:

I actually tried the trick above described in Windows Vista Magazine. I used a fast 2 GB SD card on an older Toshiba laptop. It works, but check out the FAQ in Tom’s blog entry for some of the pros and cons of using hardware that’s not spec’d for this purpose.

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