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Will and Hunter skipping rocks

April 9, 2007

Will and Hunter skipping rocks

Originally uploaded by brianjo.

We went to Alki Beach today, and so I decide to take my Fuji and shoot some pictures. I think they turned out pretty well (for me). 🙂 I’m thinking I need to get a digital SLR sometime in the future, unfortunately, I don’t see one of these in in my budget…

I also took a couple of long rides this weekend. The weather was beautiful, except for those times I decided to get on my motorcycle. Today I went out to Carnation, then up to Duvall, and then over toward Woodinville. Even in the rain it was a blast. (Despite the fact that I couldn’t feel two of my fingers when I got home.) I tried to track it on the GPS, but I only ended up with Duvall and Redmond registering. It works better if I keep the GPS in my tank bag, but I wanted to travel light today.

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