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Keep a Journal for Life

December 11, 2006

I read this post at Moleskinerie that made me think about purposeful journaling again. I fill my notebooks up, but I’m not really very consistent about it. Check the post out here:

Why (and How!) to Keep a Journal for Life

Get a journal that’s aesthetically pleasing to you. When I first started trying to keep a journal I used just any old spiral notebook that was laying around. That didn’t work long. I ended up buying a nice Moleskine journal eventually, and it was just such a pleasing experience to use that I wanted to write in my journal all the time. So spend the extra money on a decent journal. The inclination to write more is worth more than the price of some fancy paper.

I’ve got about 20 big wirebound legal pads out in the garage that I haven’t looked at in at least 10 years. They’re probably from 1992 until around 1997. (I think I stopped writing like that back when I was busy taking care of little kids.)  I should probably take a look through them sometime and see what I was thinking about back then.

My blog probably has more interesting day to day stuff in it than my regular journal would anyway, especially if you add the photo feed to the mix. I guess a fun project might be to track down the last 4 years worth of blog entries I’ve done and try to bind them into a book of some kind.

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