New Zune!

November 16, 2006

Kat picked up a Zune for me yesterday at Toys R Us. They seemed to have been sold out elsewhere around Redmond and Bellevue. She said that they had all three colors there when she stopped by around noon. I went with black. I’m a little predictable I guess. Black is a sure thing for me. I was afraid that I would get tired of brown, but I really thought hard about getting that one. The whites look nice also, but I never really gave that one serious consideration.

Duncan picked his Zune up on Tuesday. He was syncing it and we where having a video conversation on the 360, waiting for the Bungie announcement to come through at 2:00 AM.

It’s a fun time to be at Microsoft. We’re shipping tons of new stuff and it’s feeling really good to get out of beta on my machines.

  1. Unknown
    November 16, 2006 at 8:12 pm

    I think it’s great that at least Microsoft’s employee care about the Zune. For me, there’s no chance that I’m ever going to buy such an ugly brick that can’t even be used as an external hard drive, the joy of Microsoft’s Vista-incompatible Zune software is detailed on Engadget and it really works with, err, Windows XP, Windows XP and Windows XP. And it’s available in white, brown and diarrhea… Fantastic!Seriously: I get the impression that Microsoft really tried very very hard to make this a real flop. How about some nice product design?

  2. Unknown
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