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7 years of notes – minus 1

October 13, 2006

7 years of notes – minus 1

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In the continuing saga of Brian striving for organizational zen… the other day, somebody asked me about something I did last year. I opened my binder for 2005 and looked up the day and there it was. Took about 20 seconds.

I’ve tried the same thing with my moleskines, but they just don’t work that way. I need to find the right book, then I need to flip through pages until I find what I’m looking for. Ouch.

I love the Moleskines, but they’re just not as flexible or as organized as my FC planners. What I think I want to do is pick up a unzippered binder and see if I like that better than the zippered binders that I’ve carried on and off for years.

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