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Bought a new Moleskine this week…

September 23, 2006

Yeah, just really busy, not much to talk about, but I did manage to fill up another Moleskine notebook this week. I’ve gone back and fourth in the past about whether to use these or some other system, and this just seems right. I usually fill out that name area in the front of the book and then I leave the first six pages or so blank so that I can add reference notes, web sites, and things like that. I try to copy over important information I need from the older Moleskine and then I just start taking dated notes from the pages after that.

I have been doing more with my notebooks over the summer. I’ve started drawing in them more, adding a chart, or boxing important information. This seems to make it easier to find stuff that I’m looking for.

The other day my wife gave me a set of mini G2 pens in assorted colors. Maybe I’ll add some to this notebook.

I’ve also taken to carrying a Cahier in my back pocket all of the time. This is a thinner Moleskine that has a bunch of detachable papers in the back, so you can use them like post-it notes or whatever. I actually stapled a few of these pages into my last Moleskine and it worked out pretty well.

Cahier Pocket Plain Notebook (set of 3)

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