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Moving back to Spaces

August 2, 2006

OK, first I apologize for seemingly not being able to make up my mind, but I’m moving my blog back to Spaces. Though I’ve liked WordPress, I’ve been missing some of the features of Spaces. My Spaces site seems to be rendering well on the Mac and it’s very comfortable and straightforward for me to use. So the spaces url is now:


If you’re reading this in an aggregator, then you probably won’t have to do anything. My main feed is a redirect from http://rss.bufferoverrun.net to FeedBurner, so just stick with that. If you’re reading it at the WordPress site then go here, for the home page of the Spaces site. In any case subscribe to this RSS feed and you’ll be all set.

My bufferoverrun.net domain should resolve back to Spaces soon.

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