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Video Games and International Sport

July 24, 2006
Funny that this story, should run the same week that Americans win the Tour de France and the British Open. I’m skipping to the conclusion:

Blame video games for demise of U.S. sports

…So how did all of this happen?

The kids from all over the world have been playing and practicing to get better.
Ours are playing video games.

Two points. I don’t think it matters whether the US dominates in international sports. Sport is about the effort of individuals in competition. Whether they come from the US, France, or China doesn’t matter. We appreciate the individual effort for the effort itself. My second thought is that there is no logical connection between video games and sport in the article, so I would normally just dismiss it for that reason alone. I just thought it was interesting to see two American winners in important international competitions in the same week that I saw this article.
Suck at sports? Blame video games!
Tiger Woods is the 2006 Open Champion
Floyd Landis Becomes Third American to Win Tour De France

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