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On10 Update

July 19, 2006

Check out the new look and logo at http://on10.net. Jeff Sandquist has a post about the update here:

Welcome to 10 – version 1.0

Just four months ago we unveiled 10 with a simple dream: create a place for people with both a passion for technology and also a desire to change the world.

Along the way we have covered a wide range of topics. Some of the content you loved and some didn’t quite meet the mark. One consistent piece of feedback you gave us was that 10 lacked a purpose and the major side effect was that our content often was all over the map. As a team we took that to heart and wrote what the 10 Manifesto. This manifesto is a set of principles we’ll use as a compass to help guide us forward…

The update looks great. I subscribe to the video feed on my iPod, so I don’t get to the site as often as I might. I think the new design lends itself to the way I browse the Web, so this will be a lot easier for me in the future.

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