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NCAA Football 07 for the PSP

July 18, 2006

Wow, what a great surprise today. I get home, the kids hand me cards that they made for me and they present me with a gift: NCAA Football 07 for the PSP and the game guide. Kat went ahead and bought me this because she’s an awesome wife. So I was pretty excited.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play, but the game looks great on the PSP. I still need to get used to the controls. Punting and kicking is done with the analog stick and I’m just not getting it. I played Wisconsin against Ohio State and I got killed. The game is fun. It’s really complex and it has a nice feel to it on the PSP.

PSP Fanboy has a write-up with some issues they’re talking about on the net. Apparently there’s a little bug that puts you down at the point you’re touched on a rush:

NCAA Football 07 is busted up? [Update 1]
Various reports from the IGN Boards [Insider membership required] suggest that NCAA Football 07 isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be on the PSP. Although the game is released today, there’s only one review out there from IGN: a very respectable 8.3. IGN didn’t mention any glitches, so are the claims on the internet valid?

I noticed this also, mostly because I kept losing yards on rushes that I was sure I got at least a couple on. Check out the video from the PSP Fanboy post to see the bug.

I haven’t got the Xbox 360 version of the game yet because my machine is very sick and I need to send it off for treatment. The pictures in the game guide for the 360 look really good, so I may pick this up when I get a working box.

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