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My friend Rik has a blog…

July 1, 2006

and it’s a Spaces blog. Way cool. Rik and I were buddies in the Marines and we shared a house out in town in Iwakuni, Japan. It was a great house. We used to watch Japanese dubbed movies and get our uniforms ready for the next day. We were reporters for Armed Forces Radio and Television. One time we fought GIANT spiders that invaded our house. (I’m not kidding.) The day Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, we spent a bunch of money calling Washington from our home phone in Japan, trying to get orders for Saudi Arabia. When we finally got through we found out that most of the reporters in the Marines had already volunteered.

In his latest post, Rik writes about his father’s surgery. Very moving. Our prayers are with Rik’s family.

It’s nice to be able to pick up with friends. I think that blogs and RSS change the dynamic of keeping in touch with friends in a very unique and powerful way. Subscribed.

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  1. Rik
    July 2, 2006 at 12:32 am

    Those indeed were the best days in the Corps!  Little known fact.  Brian was one of the best Music Video show directors I have ever worked with!  :-)
    Semper Fi.

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