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June 2, 2006

MacBU Dev Lead Erik Schwiebert has a new blog. It promises to be both entertaining and informative. 🙂 In his latest post, he details some of the issues in moving from CodeWarrior to Xcode. The blog is here, and this is a link to the RSS.

Whither Xcode?

…I want to start by telling you about my role here. I’m a development lead in the MacBU, with a team of 4 devs reporting to me. (No, Rick is not one of them…) Part of my team’s responsibility is tool evaluation and maintenance. For the last few years I had been our point-of-contact and liaison with Metrowerks. My team tested their pre-releases of CodeWarrior, filed bugs with Metrowerks, updated our code to adhere to their ever-stricter-and-more-standards-compilant compiler, and rolled the updates out to the MacBU as they shipped. Given my experiences with that aspect of our tools and external dependencies, my manager asked me to take the lead dev role in our coordination with Apple as we investigated switching to Xcode.

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