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Xbox 360 Uncloaked

May 9, 2006
This promises to be a most excellent book. If you didn’t know, Dean Takahashi wrote Opening the Xbox, which was the inside story of the original Xbox. Heres a link to the site where you can purchase and download the e-book version of the title:

The Xbox 360 Uncloaked
The Real Story Behind Microsoft’s Next-Generation Video Game Console
"The Xbox 360 Uncloaked" is the result of more than a hundred interviews, many at the highest levels of Microsoft, as well as countless months of independent investigative reporting. This highly anticipated book goes beyond the official story to deliver a true insider’s look at the creation of the XBox 360 and Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar gamble to become a leading force in the global video game industry.

I might just pick this up for the weekend. 🙂

Via ActiveWin

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