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Porting to Intel Macs

March 25, 2006

I get asked about this at least twice a day. Rick has a great post describing some of the work we need to do to move our code base to a new toolset, not to mention a new platform.

Of Intel Macs and Red Herrings

…But all of that’s very much beside the point. Whether we had gone through the pain of porting to XCode/GCC in some earlier release of our products, we’d have still had to go through this pain. The time spent doing this work then would have to have come from the features that we were, instead, adding to our programs. Arguing that we should have, somehow, absorbed this pain earlier really has little bearing on the nature and extent of the pain. We’d still have to do the work, and customers would have suffered as much then as they are now. The only difference is that, now, we have a tangibly legitimate reason for the suffering.

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