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Spotlight Support in Entourage Explained

March 20, 2006

Amir posted a great entry to the Entourage Blog that explains Spotlight support in the latest update. It includes everything you probably need to know about Spotlight support in Entourage. You can read the whole thing here:

Spotlight Support in Entourage 2004

With the new 11.2.3 Update installed, you can now use Apple’s Spotlight feature to execute searches against your Entourage database contents. Spotlight can find any item inside your Entourage database; it does not matter, where that item is. You can find any item related to any kind of mail account (POP, IMAP or Exchange) which is present in a folder inside your Entourage database. Folder type also does not matter, i.e. Spotlight can search all folders of any type related to any kind of mail account. As Entourage downloads a copy of each item in its local database, even when you use IMAP or Exchange mail account (which are only ‘mirrored’ locally in database, Entourage does not delete messages from the mailbox on server after downloading), thus using Spotlight you can execute searches against all of those items.

I’ve promised a screen demo and I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll try to do that tomorrow sometime. This really is a remarkable feature. I’ve been working with MSN Search and LookOut search in Outlook for the last couple of years and these technologies can fundamentally change the way you work and think about the information stored on your computers.

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