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Xbox 360 for Dummies in the Bungie Weekly Update

February 25, 2006

Hey, I feel like we really made the big time:

Bungie Weekly Update: February 24th, 2006

Short update today, so no whining please. Somebody handed me a copy of the Xbox 360 for Dummies yesterday. I was all, "How much of a dummy would you actually have to BE to not know how to use a console." Of course, the first page I opened had a handy tip that I never knew was possible. If you plug in a compatible device with an image on it, you can set that as your desktop pattern. How rad is that? I also didn’t know you could customize the blade colors, or the little submenu that comes up when you hit the Guide button. And it wasn’t just me. A chorus of "whhhaaaaaas!?" went up when I demonstrated. There’s probably a ton of other useful info in the book too.

I’m so excited, I might just add this to my Amazon blog thingy. 🙂

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  1. kathy
    March 2, 2006 at 11:58 pm

    I told you that your book should be called X-Box for Gamers. Gamers are anything but dumb!

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