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Steve got a 360!

February 11, 2006

Steve picked up an Xbox 360 at Target and he has a few thoughts on the packaging of the accessories.

First Impressions

My biggest complaint surrounding Xbox has nothing to do with the hardware, the operating system or anything else about the unit. It’s the accessory packaging.

Since I picked up a core system, I ended up having to pick up the hard drive, the VGA-HD cable and two wireless controllers separate from the main system. Each one was wrapped in freaking plastic armour.

Read the whole thing. I also scraped up my hands a bit when I opened the accessory packaging. It’s hard to resist just tearing at the packaging with bare hands. My advice for somebody who hasn’t done this yet would be to get a big pair of scissors and open the packages carefully, watching for the recommended cut lines on the packaging. 🙂

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