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Phone Story

January 8, 2006
Ok, so today I’m at Redmond Towne Center with the kids, picking up some dry cleaning, buying a present, and getting a coffee. We get home and I realize that my phone is no longer clipped to my belt. (I’ve got to travel tomorrow and I really need my phone!) Now, my new years resolution was to eliminate cursing, but after discovering my phone missing, I totally failed at that. 🙂

I ran outside and checked the car; nothing. I ran to the mailbox where I got out to get the mail; nothing. Finally I decided to call the phone from the house phone. I’m not getting a ring. So at this point I’m thinking the phone has either been flattened by a car… or maybe it’s on the ground in the parking garage.

We sped back down to RTC The spot I had in the garage behind the cleaners was empty, but alas no phone. I jumped out of the car and got on my hands and knees and found the phone! It was just under the tire of the car next to the space. I pulled it out, slid it open and it’s fine.

I think I have the case to blame and to thank for losing and retrieving the phone. I’m using a Monster Grab-N-Go holster. It completely protected the phone from the fall it must have taken off of my belt, but I guess if it had a better clip, it wouldn’t have fallen off. That said, I think this is a great phone holster and I take full blame for dropping the phone.

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