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Ya gotta take breaks

December 12, 2005

The idea that somebody could be gaming away one minute and have a photosensitive seizure the next is pretty scary. It’s probably a good idea to show this to your kids to make them aware of this potential problem. It doesn’t happen that often, or at least it isn’t reported often. Microsoft has some info and advice about photosensitive seizures here.

Girl Has Seizure After 5 Hours Of Video Gaming

Doctor Says Long-Term Video Game Playing Is Likely Cause

DES MOINES, Iowa — A central Iowa mother woke up over the weekend to find her daughter having a seizure.After

a trip to the emergency room, a family learned that the cause was most

likely from playing video games too long, Des Moines television station

KCCI reported.Doctors said such incidents are not common, but

they do happen. Certain people are prone to it because of the way their

brains work. Once was enough for 14-year-old Amy Kopaska.She

loves to play video games, the station reported. She spent five hours

straight playing a video game over the weekend. Her marathon session

led to a frightening situation.

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