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Kent has left the building…

November 10, 2005

One of the cool things about blogs is that even when somebody leaves, they’re really not that far away. Kent’s last day at Microsoft was yesterday. Kent is a great friend and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Microsoft, especially the people at Dev Div,  will miss him. I will keep reading his blog though, and he’s on my IM list.


Kent Sharkey : What is the sound of the other shoe falling?

Well, back in Victoria, back in front of a computer — over a 24 hour absense of #2. Time to explain yesterday’s posts.

Yesterday, November 8, 2005, was my last day with Microsoft, and with MSDN. I felt it was just time to move on to other challenges. So, I stand here in my kitchen, unemployed. Or, in the speak of our community, I’m a consultant.

The plan is for me to take some time off, recharge some batteries, and decide where to go from here. Before you all unsubscribe, though, I promise to try to make this blog more technical in the future…

Read it all. It includes a FAQ. 🙂

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